Sunday, 18 March 2018

Von Munchausen's Grenadiers

The latest second-hand infantry unit to be 'tarted up' in my Hessian force is Grenadier Regiment von Munchausen. This is a fictional regiment and the uniform is basically that which the original owner had painted, except for the newly-painted red turn-backs. I gave the officer a silver sash and the GMB flags are those for the Knyphausen Regiment (which I hadn't intended to include in my army, hence now being portrayed as von Munchausen's). I gave these Wargames Foundry figures a new coat of Dark Prussian Blue, re-based them and had to add another stand of new figures that I painted to match the rest of the unit.

These GMB flags are superb and easy to mount. I paint the areas that tend to over-lap when bending the flags into shape.

I know I'm a bit late with this but, Happy St Patrick's Day! I love this Bartek cartoon of a temptress chasseur of Napoleon's French Irish Legion. It's a regiment I intend to paint up at some stage, but the figures certainly won't look like this! A wee treat to celebrate my Irish ancestry.

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Saturday, 24 February 2018

AWI 28mm Hessians - Rall's Grenadier Regiment & terrain

Continuing with the project of 'tarting' up my new second-hand Hessian force; below is the first of the grenadier units to have facing changes and be re-based. This unit of Wargames Foundry figures is my interpretation of Rall's Regiment of Grenadiers for the American War of Independence. I know that Don Troiani depicts the grenadier mitre differently from how I've painted mine, but I decided to follow the colours portrayed from earlier artists (primarily because I liked the look of the red bag). As far as I know, Rall's regiment within the Hessian force in the American colonies was the only regiment totally designated as grenadiers, and not an ad-hoc collection of grenadier companies from various regiments that was a common practice during that war. However, I have another grenadier regiment that is almost finished that will break with historical correctness to became another unit to totally comprise of grenadiers. This is really due to laziness on my part, as the original owner had painted these well and I couldn't be bothered to repaint facings and mitres for four different regiments.

The flags are from GMB Flags

Note the red bag for the mitres. There are several sources that differ as to the colour of the bag and rear head band.

    I've also been painting up several of the superb gabion basket terrain pieces by Tabletop-Art that I purchased from Mighty Ape. IMHO, these are the best depiction of gabion basket defences that I've found....and reasonably priced as well. From memory, they cost about $18 NZ and the detail made them very easy to paint. They will prove very versatile and I can use them for many periods.

Thanks for having a look!

Until next time.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Foundry SYW/ AWI Hessians

Just before Christmas I purchased a second-hand painted force of Foundry Hessians from Geoff, one of our Southern Strategists. The 5 infantry units, 4 artillery stands, a heavy cavalry regiment and a mounted command base that I got off him had been part of a larger army that he had bought off Trade Me (the NZ equivalent of Ebay) and were surplus to his requirements. The figures were painted to a high standard by the unknown original owner, but there were some that needed repair or touching up with a paint brush. The infantry units were only 20 figures strong, so I needed to buy and paint up a few more figures from Foundry to build the units up to my usual battalion strength of 24 figures. The original uniforms didn't seem to match the Warflag flags used on the command stands, so I decided to change the facings on the figures to correspond with the new regimental GMB flags that I replaced them with. However, I want to use these units for both the SYW and AWI, and there appears to have been plenty of uniform and flag changes for the Hessian regiments over that period. That means that these refurbished units are painted to loosely represent the regimental uniform covering both wars. So apart from changing the facings, pom-poms, etc., I also re-based the units, adding Rodger Wood's foliage for effect.
This is the Leib Regiment. The facings were originally maroon, which I've changed along with the pom poms. The flags are from GMB Flags

I repainted the drum from its original colour scheme and I chose not to paint on the swallow-tail lace on the sleeves of the drummer.

I love the pose of the officer: 'The way is forward!'

This is von Donop's regiment. The yellow is probably a bit brighter than it should be but it stands out on the gaming table. 

These figures are von Kleist's Free Corps that actually served in Frederick the Great's Army and not with the Hessians. However, as mercenaries, they now serve under a Hessian flag...well, they will in my miniature army.

There's no fenial on this flag as I couldn't replace the well-glued original flag pole which was a bit short to accommodate the GMB flag, leaving nothing to glue the fenial to. It's unlikely these rat-bags would have carried a standard into battle anyway!  
 Until next time!     

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Peninsular War British 23rd Foot

The 23rd Foot (Royal Welch Fusiliers) is my first unit to be painted up for 2018. However, I must confess that this unit is actually one 'tarted up' from an army I paid someone else to paint for me way back in the early '90s when I lacked the confidence and experience in painting my first metal figures. I bought these Essex 25/28 mm figures as part of a ready-made army from The Guardroom in Dunstable and they seem a bit a bit dated compared to the huge range of multi-posed Napoleonic figures available today. Nevertheless, I'm sure they will perform just as well on the games table when they get the chance...depending on my dubious dice throwing skills. These blokes have had a few newly painted extra figures added to bring the battalion up to strength, including a Front Rank mounted colonel. The flags are by GMB.

The Royal Welch Fusiliers became one of my favourite British regiments after I had visited the regimental museum in Caenarfon Castle and scored myself an old bugle from an antique shop in Tintagel that had the regimental badge attached to it. The bugle still works, much to my neighbours annoyance!

Until next time!

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Hovels 25mm ACW/AWI barn

As a continuation of the revamp of my 25mm Hovels buildings, the attached photos are of my ACW/ AWI barn which I have recently adapted with a small coral. This was a fairly simple project which only required a 3mm sheet of MDF for the base, a length of round dowel for the fence posts, match sticks for the planks and PVA to glue it all together. The most expensive item was the Woodland Scenic tree that I added to give more depth to the completed project.

The foliage was once again supplied by Rodger Wood of Rebel Barracks fame. There are a couple of touch-ups required to the base, but overall I'm pretty happy how this turned out, especially the little gate that I made for it. This is my last completed project for 2017 but I have a couple more near completion which I hope to finish over the festive season holidays. Best wishes to you all for 2018!

Until next time.